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Michelle K
26 August 1980
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WELL, so you want to know something about this crazy redhead out in Colorado right... actually the California transplant?! I am a pretty cool girl who wants to be on here to make friends and keep in touch with people with similar interests and who are just overall awesome people to know inside and out! Honestly, I think I'm actually a lot like a young foogie at 28 years old. I'm an aspiring actress who is working in insurance right now as a means to pay bills. I have a really quirky personality, and love to chat, and am a hopeless romantic. I would love to someday have someone I can share my life with and all the crazy adventures I look forward to having. Holding hands and just being able to lean over and give a quick peck on the cheek or lips for no reason but because I can really entices me. In that respect, I am totally girlie. I'm far from being your average female though in most cases. I like to get out in nature, and in touch with myself. Yet, I also enjoy a good night on the town too. Yet, my favorite kind of day is just laughing away, watching old movies or maybe hanging out at Disneyland all day! In a lot of ways, my interests and dislikes are very much good, easy ways to get to know me. Better yet, the best way to get to know me is to actually talk with me. You'll learn some intriguing things... like I'm writing a book now! I have had tons of comparisons in all ways to Rachel McAdams far more then I ever have with anyone else in my life... you might know her from "Wedding Crashers", "Red Eye", "Mean Girls" or "The Notebook" or "The Family Stone" even. I get told I look like her a lot, that we have similar mannerisms and tons in common in our interests and personality! You be the judge. She, too, even had the lack of a guy in her life beyond the scope of a friend! And look at her! She is so gorgeous and talented and seems like an awesome girl! She's only one year older then me, too. So, I'll take that as one big compliment then! But have a look at my life and see if you like! All I ask is you just be respectful and curteous in response! I wouldn't go on your journal and bash you; I'd hope you'd do the same for me. I'm just here, being me and finding a place to sort my feelings and sometimes frustrations as I make this journey through life! The way I figure is I have a life and I take credit for all the things in it that are me and my feelings. But I hope you enjoy and maybe find some comfort in my experiences and feelings too. All the best! Cheers!